Magicians use a little sleight of hand to make the cards work in their favor... At Poetic Aces we spice things up with a little turn of phrase to make your Greeting Cards, Gifts, Invites, Brochures, Ads, etc., work for you with our poetic flavor. Click on the Diamond below to play your Aces and our gems are sure to help you win over friends, and customers, one card at a time through rhyme! Check out our Poetic Catalog of Ideas!

Experience the Magic of Poetry
Decorate Your Greeting Cards,
Personalize Cards, Gifts, and Invites
Make your Ads and Flyers ''POP''
And So Much More With The Poetry we Write!

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''Upping the ante''

man and woman reading e-card, card ideas
man and woman reading e-card, card ideas

''Fact Check''

Through our suggestion of Online Greetings over paper greetings at Poetic Aces,
we support any steps being made here or abroad toward preserving our natural resources,
Our 'Poetic Justice to the Environment Series' is scheduled to be posted on our blog in the coming weeks.


Somewhat challenged is the allure of paper Greeting Cards. With people always on the go and phones or tablets close at hand Online Greetings and Gift Giving are a large part of the modern age! Let us help grow your relationships with friends and family stronger. Click on the order form to get started!

As stated we write poetry to be used for your greeting cards, invitations,
advertising, etc. Our poems are often used for Special Recognition Gifts as well as Gift-giving in general. This is an overview of our website...
1. We have a Catalog of ideas that can be accessed at the top of each page.
2. Within said Catalog are pictures to be clicked on for examples of our poetry.
3. We do not sell pictures or cards. However, our poetry can complement both.
4. The information we require to compose your Personalized Poetry is listed at the bottom of each page.
5. Click on the ''Here's How To Order Button'' near the top of our How We Work page, for complete ordering details as well as menus of suggestions.
We have over 100 pages of poetic suggestions divided into 8 categories that we are constantly updating! Due to our bright colors, unique fonts, and countless pics, it was suggested that we might need to elaborate a little on this landing page. In short, we will compose 8 to 10 lines of original poetry tailored to fit practically anybody or anything for $10.00. Longer poems can be written for varying dollar amounts, email us for details. Our poems are very unique in targeting the heart of the individual either for their personal feelings or the feelings we project toward an event or service you're promoting. Look our site over, there is a lot to see.

Click below to view our Here's How We Work Page and continue to enjoy our Shopper's Paradise!